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Law Enforcement

As a law enforcement professional, you understand the importance for policy to provide meaningful guidance while also leaving room for officer discretion. Police work is dynamic; it is simply impossible for policy to account for all the incidents officers respond to. At Lexipol, we believe that for law enforcement policy to be effective, it must be applicable, practicable and functional, while having a primary focus on the preservation of life.

With more than 2,075 years of combined public safety experience, Lexipol’s policy developers and attorneys carefully craft policy to include state and federal legislation and case law, but also to reflect the realities of the policing profession. This is not always an easy process; policy is rarely black and white. We employ a rigorous yet collaborative development and review process to ensure diverse perspectives—internal and external to our company—are considered. Finally, recognizing that each agency must own its policy, we encourage our customers to thoroughly review and customize our policies as needed to account for community needs and agency-specific factors.

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