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Incumbent upon every law enforcement agency is the mission to support community safety and the preservation of life. Comprehensive, best practice agency policy is essential to fulfilling that mission.

At Lexipol, we have been engaged for nearly two decades in the challenging and inspiring work of creating law enforcement policies that help agencies mitigate risk and protect the sanctity of life. During this time, the national dialogue on police policy, especially as it pertains to use of force, has evolved and increased in intensity. Today, that conversation includes voices calling for reform to address systemic bias and excessive force as well as voices advocating for guidance that reflects the realities of police work.

This website provides a resource for all stakeholders in the discussion around police use of force. By sharing Lexipol’s current policy positions as well as information about how our policies were developed, we hope to engage with law enforcement professionals and community members in the shared goal of creating safer communities.

Use of Force Policy

We invite all users of this site to learn about our national Use of Force Policy and download a copy for review. 

Featured Resources

Community Review of Law Enforcement Policy

Community Review of Law Enforcement Policy

Learn guidelines and key questions that can help make the process of community review of policy more efficient, productive and meaningful

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police reform webinar series

Police Reform: Policy and Training Impacts Webinar Series

Explore three critical topics in police reform: use of force policy, response to people in crisis, and the role training plays in decision-making

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Police Reform and Racial Justice

Learn how Lexipol’s policy language matches up with 10 key recommendations from the U.S. Conference of Mayors Report on Police Reform and Racial Justice

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Lexipol’s digital community Police1* provides news and analysis on policing issues, including use of force. Following are just a few of the articles, videos and training resources on police use of force available through Police1.

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