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As a member of your community, you play an important role in holding your local law enforcement agencies accountable to their mission. Understanding what is in your local agency’s policies and why is the first step in this process. Many community members assume the federal or state government creates policy for law enforcement agencies; in fact, agencies are left on their own to interpret legislation and case law, write policies and keep up with changing laws, regulations and court decisions. Nearly half of law enforcement agencies in the U.S. employ 10 or fewer full-time officers (Bureau of Justice Statistics, see p. 3). Policy development and maintenance is simply not something most agencies have resources to do effectively.

Lexipol helps fill the gap by developing comprehensive, state-specific policies and keeping them up to date for our customers. With more than 2,075 years of combined public safety experience, Lexipol’s policy developers and attorneys employ a rigorous yet collaborative policy development and review process. We ensure diverse perspectives—internal and external to our company—are considered, and that our policies reflect a primary focus on preservation of life. Finally, recognizing that each agency must own its policy, we encourage our customers to thoroughly review and customize our policies as needed to account for community needs and agency-specific factors.

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